For cost reduction and keeping the reproducibility of the results at the maximum, we have developed a totally unique application and mixing system. No matter if it is fabric treatment before printing or its refining after printing, our contact-less application technology allows us to set the intensity of fabric saturation precisely per gramme.

Application is done by spray field with vertical spraying which will automatically adapt to the width of the processed fabric due to its motorized system. A combination of constant liquid pressure and precise timing when opening specific nozzles is used for uniform spraying at any speed. The conveyor belt stays clean due to a sophisticated sidewall system which catches any over-spray. A touch screen and user-friendly interface allow us to set all parameters which are needed for precise and reproducible results. All settings can be saved for a specific fabric and this can make preparation quicker and also eliminate mistakes. In addition, it also has an interface for receiving and managing tasks from a superior management system or web interface. An automatic mixing system ensures there is no careless waste, while simultaneously guaranteeing very agile production. It is practically the same dosing system as used with inks in digital printers. Particular chemical substrates are placed into containers and then, according to the selected recipe and concentration, they are automatically diluted and transported into application nozzles. The system operates with very small doses, therefore it can be intelligently used also for spraying test samples when looking for optimal recipes.


Heating with hot air is an industrially-established method for textile thermal treatment. Heating through insulators for heat conduction is just nonsense. For this reason, we use the same principle for heating fabric as the Sun (very effectively) has heated our planet for billions of years. One third of the operating price compared to the hot air solution means that, even when using electrical energy, operation of our technology is cheaper than other gas systems. Heating can be switched anytime without the risk of damaging the fabric. In addition, it does not require any time for pre-heating.

Every module has its own thermal energy recuperator to assure maximum performance and additional cost reduction. The recuperator moves the heat from waste steams into fed fresh air. A counter-current recuperator has been developed internally, especially for this purpose. It can be completely deconstructed and easily cleaned. Absolute control over fabric temperature is assured by this unique measuring system thanks to infrared cameras. These monitor the temperature of the whole surface of processed fabric while simultaneously regulating the radiators and speed of production by zones. Therefore, the fabric always comes out optimally treated and at minimum cost. Heating is done by electromagnetic radiation emitters within the infrared spectrum. Because it is a ripple there is no need for a substantial medium for the transfer. The absorption of this radiation by any object results in its heating. Therefore, in our case the heat is created directly inside of the fabric, exactly where is it needed, without using any transferring medium.


Nobody likes limitations and therefore we don’t want to place any limitation on our customers, either. Since the beginning, for this reason, our technology has been designed with the highest possible modularity and universality. We can also adjust it for every digital textile printer. In addition, it is also possible to extend an existing technological device. So you can start on a small scale and then easily extend the technology as your business grows.